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Local 62

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Sun-Thur 11-6
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111 N Franklin St.
Watkins Glen, NY

Call (607) 210-6033

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Local 62 is a boutique liquor, wine, and beer store featuring exclusively NY State-made beverages. Located in Watkins Glen but proudly stocking fine craft beers, exquisite wines, and brilliant distilled spirits from all across New York State.

Stop in today - we regularly hold FREE TASTINGS and promotions, not to mention an amazing variety of great beverages.

New York State agriculture produces the highest quality ingredients available for adult beverages, and owner-operators with the passion to brew & distill amazing offerings. Local 62 collects these treasures.


Liquors worth sipping.

36 New York Whiskies


Gin, vodka, whiskey, and more, distilled right next door!

Bright sun and thirst-quenching rain yield amazing grains and crops in New York. We grow fantastic wheat, corn, and many other cereal grains. And for our local favorites such as gin, our juniper and other herbal flavors have to be tasted to be believed. Not to mention water from our crisp, clean waterways!


Wines worth savoring.

68 New York Wines


local sunshine in a bottle.

New York offers a truly unique terroir for luscious sweet and full-bodied wines. Come explore the fruits of New York labor!


Dozens of
New York
Craft Beers

From Hefeweizen
To Double IPA.


Whether it's a full-bodied session IPA or an eminently drinkable blonde ale, we've sourced an amazing gamut of passionately brewed craft beers. New York's golden wheat and rich variety of hops give our neighbor brewmasters a colorful palette with which to brew their art.


Stop in to see our ever-expanding selections of fine local craft beers!